Why Key Action Plan?

How do I get a student to sit down and study ?

How do I get a student off that mobile phone?

If these questions sound familiar to you – then you are not alone in this problem which is being faced by 1000s of concerned parent’s and teacher’s like you around the world.

After the pandemic hit, the closing of schools and education shifting online had taken away the school and college vibe that was necessary for building the required discipline in the students.

How to use KAP? Key Action Plan


Due to this these days, we can see that students are spending the majority of time on mobile phones and computers browsing the internet or playing games.

Which we know doesn’t help them in building their future rather these time-wasting activities are making matter worse for them.

But do not worry. We have come forward with a unique solution that harnesses modern technology to build the right discipline in a student.

Our specially built Key Action Plan app will help build focus in a student’s life and help them to focus on the task at hand and complete their every tasks within the stipulated time limit.

Contents of Key Action Plan

  • To Do list
  • Knowledge bank for multiple categories in a game format
  • Tic tac toe game
  • Daily assignment task
  • Report card


Systematic and Planned Action is the secret for successful future



Step 1:

Download our App: KAP – Key Action Plan

New Teacher Registration

[Enter the Details]

Step 2:

You will get a Teacher Id after Login. You will get a Email also with the details. (The mail may be in the spam folder for the first time)

Step 3:

Give the App link to your students.

New User Registration

In the Teacher Id, tell your student to enter your Teacher id.

Step 4:

After the student logs in, they will be able to see your institute name and phone number on the top of the App.

Make this App as a part of your study materials. Give them mark target every month. For example, a student has to score 20 marks everyday in the Knowledge Bank MCQ in the App. This will help the student to remember more and more MCQ question and answers.

Step 5:

For inserting your LOGO on the top of the App, contact us through the WhatsApp link and send your logo with your teacher Id.

Step 6:

Contact near by School and Colleges. Provide this App to all the students or their parent’s, telling them your Teacher’s Id. 

You can do this as a part of your marketing campaign for your coaching center.

If it is successfully done by you, then most the student’s will have your Institute name, logo and contact number on the top of the App.

If any student with your Teacher Id renews every month, you will get 40% of the receivables as your share. You can see all the renewals transparently in your Teacher dashboard.

Branding on Top of the App as shown below.

Fees and Charges

Registration charge for Institute – FREE 

Monthly renewal charges for Students – 

Rs. 50 per month per student

Several Offers Available on the App